Thursday, October 29, 2015


Olga's eldest daughter Anita, was a very talented artist like most of Olga and Folke's children. Anita decorated this old Swedish clock (Moraklocka). 
She also learned Chinese lacquer and renovated some of Olga's pieces that had deteriorated. Unfortunately there is not much else to show here, but if anyone has something, take a photo and send it to me (Leif). Anita was probably quite young and lived at home  when the clock was decorated. She married in 1934, 24 years old.

In 1931, when Anita was 21, she and her mother Olga, her sister Sonia and Mary all went to Florida to be with Anita Dawson, Olga's mother, who had suffered a heart attack. Olga stayed with her mother, but Anita "discovered America" as is obvious from the article in the Macon Evening News (Georgia). It is very interesting as it reveals much about the time on both continents.

This little drawing was given by Anita 13 year old, to her grandmother Anita (Ball) Dawson from Jacksonville in Florida, who often spent time with the family at Särö. Grandmother Anita glued it into her massive scrapbook where i discovered it years later.

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