Thursday, October 29, 2015


Rolf Jonsson 1883-1965), a  brother of Folke and Rut became a full-time painter living with his family at Särö all his life. He married Annie whom he met in Cornwall when he studied art there.

"For those at Sea" painted 1914 in Cornwall, England by Rolf Jonsson.
The painting was no doubt bought by Olga and Folke since the picture hung in their livingroom at Lysholmen, Särö as long as anyone can remember. It now hangs in Särö Church, a donation by Gunilla Hellström, the daughter of Olga and Folke.

Rolf (3)  is sitting second from left in this photo of wealthy Särö children around 1900.
He is accompanied by his sister Rut (2) and brother Folke (5) and some friends whose names are not known. Please email Leif if you know.

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